A Comprehensive Guide To Zydus Animal Product

Zydus Animal Product

Zydus animal products are among the best animal products available on the market today. It is the reason why many vet experts recommend Zydus. Let’s find out the range of animal products that it offers along with their purpose and or use case. 

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

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The advantages of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) for treating and controlling mastitis in milk herds are well established in reducing inflammation and mediating effects triggered by endotoxin. Although there are little empirical trials in the care of mastitis, various products have been tested, and findings for a variety of results measures were published. 

Focus On Control

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While an emphasis on control is of considerable importance to mastitis herd health, the diagnosis and care of both recent and chronic clinical incidents of mastitis continue to be a significant part of dairy herd health consulting. The value of the usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) in livestock is increasingly recognized for the benefit of reducing inflammation and mediating effects of oxidative stress.


Zydus also produces Corticosteroids which is crucial in many ways when it comes to livestock care. It has a differing amount of mineral and glucocorticoid content that is mostly administered for the impact of their glucocorticoids in most cases. Though corticosteroids play an essential function in curing a variety of disorders, their neglect often creates complications by either expressly or implicitly masking the symptom and thus avoiding the proper treatment, for example by immunosuppressive drugs in the case of sepsis. Corticosteroids further inhibit the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) and may escalate to iatrogenic hyperadrenocorticism. 

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Mastitis prevention in dairy cattle tends to play a significant role in antibiotic treatment. Lactational therapy against Streptococcus is efficient, but also less effective with Staphylococcus aureus infections and other causes for mastitis. It culminated in the emergence of new medical methods, including that of the combination of intramammary injection and the intravenous administration (injection). Likewise, extended treatment requiring the comprehensive application of medications has also increased the cure rates for this organism.


Poultry is among the world’s most common food sectors. Chicken is the most frequently grown species, with more than 90 billion tonnes of chicken meat processed annually. In most nations, a wide variety of antimicrobials is employed to raise poultry. In human medicine, a significant amount of these antimicrobials have been found necessary. And this is the reason why Zydus is offering this medicine along with a wide range of other animal products.

Zydus Poultry Liver Tonic

Poultry Liver Tonic that includes all of the required nutrients to secure, sustain and activate the liver for different tasks and development optimization. It is entirely a herbal poultry liver tonic comprising various vitamins and minerals and a herbal extract for the overall growth and poultry production as a liver is a crucial organ. As the central organ of metabolism, a liver is often impaired in different respects. Liver stimulants and antioxidant agents are typically added to aid the liver detoxify and enhance the morphological and chemical stability of the liver cells. In poultry, the functioning of the liver plays a particular part in poultry’s overall development and efficiency.

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Summing Up

Zydus animal product is trusted across the world. And there is no denying the fact that Zydus has been able to maintain the quality as its name over a long period. From livestock to poultry products, Zydus has proved its metal.

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