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Assisi Animal Health is an organization that is passionate about treating animals pain-free. The organization works to create such products which are drug-free and heal the difficult-to-treat conditions of animals without pain, fear, and anxiety. Assisi Animal Health is the world’s leading organization to develop veterinary applications of type MF therapy. Their products are liked by patients because they can use them easily at home and give effective results. The treatment they provide includes some innovative products, which are listed below.

4 Innovative Products By Assisi Animal Health

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Calmer Canine

This product is specially designed for dogs to treat their anxiety issues. You can get this product in two forms. The Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System offers you a device and an easy-to-use vest that helps you to hold the device in the proper position during treatments. You need to hold the device based on their neck and over their head. You can also get the product without a vest. And, you can get vests in different sizes also (XS, S, M, L, XL), and there are two sizes for the device. For a proper fit, you are advised to choose the size of the device and vest according to your dog.

Assisi Loop 2.0 

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Assisi Loop is a type MF therapy device that helps you to treat pain and inflammation in both chronic and acute pain conditions. This product is a non-pharmaceutical intervention. You can get this product in two modes: auto cycle and manual with two sizes of diameter loops – 4″ and 7.5″. Assisi loop is light in weight, and you can use it easily at home or in a clinic.

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Assisi Loop Lounge 

Assisi Loop Lounge and Assisi Loop 2.0 are designed using the same patents of type MF therapy. Assisi Loop lounge is a heating therapy pad in rectangular shape which is used to treat full-body pains and inflammations. Same as Assisi Loop2.0, this product is also used in both acute and chronic pain conditions. The pad is available in two sizes; the small one measures 10″ x 19.5″ and the extra small one measures 7.5″ x15″. Also, you can get the product either in combination with Sleepypod or with a Buddy Rest fabric cover.

Assisi Loop Clinica 

Assisi loop clinic also shares similar features with Assisi Loop 2.0 and Assisi Loop Lounge. This product has the same patents as nonpharmaceutical EMF therapy. It is a pad which is rechargeable and delivers 6000 conveniences. Assisi Loop clinic is very effective in treating total body inflammation and pains in both chronic and acute conditions. The pad is water-resistant and very durable, and gives a great performance.


Assisi Animal Health is indeed doing a great job in favor of animals. By their innovations, we can see how passionate they are to treat animals without fear, anxiety, and pain. Having such organizations is a blessing to society.

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