Animal Health And Wellness- Why Is It Important

animal health and wellness

Welfare is like a shield that protects its being. Animals, too, need good interest to live the way they wish, also just like humans. Trapping them and killing them is the biggest sin one commits. Animal health and wellness is the protection of animals. Animals must live in a good state of welfare, i.e., healthy, comfortable, well-nourished, safe, and a place where they can express innate behavior.

Further, we must look after that they are not suffering from unpleasant things such as pain, fear, and distress. Also, you must know that excellent animal welfare requires disease prevention and veterinary treatment, appropriate shelter, management, nutrition, humane handling, and humane slaughter. Also, we should not forget that animal health and wellness are of utmost importance.

Its the responsibility of every citizen to look towards animal welfare and perform their duties. They should be provided with the best treatment and given proper medical care. Should cause no harm to them under the protection of various institutions and government policies. Should take care in all aspects.

AVMA Animal Welfare Principles

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AVMA is just like the medical authority, which looks for the health and the welfare of animals. They work a lot for the improvement in the health of animals. A few principles offered by them for developing and evaluating animal welfare policies, resolutions, and actions include-

•The use of animals should be much more efficient, whether for human purposes, such as companionship, food, fiber, recreation, work, education, exhibition, or any other purpose. The research conducted for the benefit of both humans and animals is consistent with the Veterinarian’s Oath.

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This principle worked a lot in maintaining the health of animals.

•The major decision was regarding animal care, use, and welfare. All of this requires balancing scientific knowledge and professional judgment with consideration of ethical and societal values. This proved helpful as proper care was taken and turned in good results.

•Also took decisions regarding proper meals for animals. In this, the animals were to be provided with water, food, proper handling, health care, and a comfortable environment for their care and use.

They even took a check on species biology and behavior.

• Should provide Proper care to animals to minimize fear, pain, stress, and suffering.

• Should carefully evaluate the applied principles, which keep a check on procedures related to animal housing, management, care, and use.

•Conservation and management of animal populations should hold social responsibility.

This will help to save a lot more resources and make wise use.

•Should provide proper respect and dignity to animals throughout their lives and, when necessary, provided a humane death. This will let them stay in peace.

•The veterinary profession shall continually strive to uphold animal health and welfare through scientific research, education, collaboration, advocacy, and the development of legislation and regulations.

The Final Say

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AVMA is highly concerned for animals’ health and wellness and takes appropriate measures to control the issues. The issues considered by the Animal Welfare Committee with staff support from the Animal Welfare Division. Also, the American Veterinary Medical Association has adopted a range of policies that relate to animal welfare. These schemes and other policies by the government are helping a lot in preventing the loss of animals.

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