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Animals are wonderful companions. They are fun and provide various levels of entertainment, relaxation, support, and lots more. If you are an animal lover, then why not; it’s a great idea to also make some earnings from your love for pets. There are tons of opportunities to choose from. Depending on your skillset and passion, you can pick between a handful of options.

This article will expose you to several of the opportunities available within the Animal Health niche. You will also be provided with comprehensive insight to guide you on which career path to pursue within your preferred area of focus.

 Careers Within the Animal Health Niche

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Pets and lovers of Wildlife have an abundance of career options to choose from. Veterinary services are, no doubt, the more famous role within this career path. However, there are several other well-paying animal-related opportunities to explore. From wildlife rehabilitation to other thrilling and more unusual professions like, say, a snake venom milker, the options are almost endless. To get you more in touch with what’s within other animal-related career opportunities, we’ve compiled a wide-ranging list. These jobs pay well and are very much in demand.

 Top Paying Animal Careers

·        Veterinarian ————— $93,830 up to $160,780

·        Wildlife Biologist ———        $63,420 up to $101,780

·        Zoologist ——————  $63,420 up to $101,780

·        Conservation Officer —   $62,410 up to $98,060

·        Conservation Biologist — $62,410 up to $98,060 

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Careers in Animal Rescue

This career option is very suitable for those with a passion for wildlife conservation. The job goes beyond caring for orphaned or injured wildlife. It also involves other responsibilities like planning, rehabilitation, safe release back to natural habitat, and more. The recommended Degree Program for this position is a B.S. in Animal Health and Behavior. Career paths within the Animal Rescue niche include:

·        Marine Rescue Officer

·        Wildlife Rehabilitator

·        Animal Shelter Technician

·        Animal Shelter Managers

 Veterinary Careers

Veterinarians can specialize in several areas. Wildlife veterinarians can work with a wide variety of exotic species and Wildlife. In contrast, domestic veterinarians will focus on domesticated pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc. This career path requires a reasonable amount of education. Vets must have a four-year degree, a doctorate, and obtain a license. The recommended Degree Program for this position is a B.S. in Animal Health and Behavior.

Career paths within the Veterinary niche include:

·        Veterinarian

·        Veterinary Technician

·        Veterinary Assistant

Jobs Working with Wild Animals

This role is not for the faint-hearted. You must have a real desire to conserve Wildlife. Some wildlife workers may specialize in just one or two animals, whereas others can specialize in various Wildlife. Learning as much as you can concerning whatever animals you’re inclined to is essential for this career path. The recommended Degree Program for this position is a B.S. in Animal Health and Behavior.

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Career paths within the Veterinary niche include:

·        Zoologist 

·        Park Ranger

·        Wildlife Conservationist 

·        Conservation Officer 

·        Conservation Biologist

·        Wildlife Biologist

Aquatic Animal Jobs

This role is a good fit for those who love to go underwater. The job location is mostly around a marine park, an aquarium, the ocean, or even dry land. While some aquatic animal jobs would require scuba-diving, others won’t even need you to get wet at all. The recommended Degree Program for this position is a B.S. in Marine Biology.

Career paths within the Veterinary niche include:

·         Aquarist

·         Marine Biologist

·         Marine Mammal Trainer 


Working with animals can be a fun and exhilarating experience. These jobs offer a switch from the regular 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM routine. You get to leave your desk and head outdoors to tour the wonders of nature and all of Wildlife. Jobs within the Animal Health niche aren’t limited to veterinary services alone. There are varieties of other fantastic opportunities to explore. With all the options provided in this post, you should, no doubt, find an excellent pick.

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