Assist You in Gently Moving Your Bee Larvae from the Nest to the Queen Cell Cup! a Must-Have Tool!

If you are in a queen rearing business, then you need to know the different queen rearing equipment you can choose to make your work simple and fast. Experienced beekeepers that know the Queen rearing business will. always opt for the right equipment. Beekeeping Queen Larva Retractable Grafting Tool is a popular grafting tool that has a retractable end, flexible spatula tip, and spring-loaded plunger.

Know-How It Works!

The spatula tip on the top helps the tool to slip easily under the larva. This will further help in the process to get the larva out of the cell. The equipment has a plunger to slide the larvae off the end. This will help in transferring larvae into a Queen Cell cup. Further, as the process is over, it is essential to retract the tool in use. Further, you will get a better grip while using the grafting tool.


  • The grafting tool is helpful in the Queen rearing process by shifting the bee larvae to the queen cell up.
  • The grafting tool comes with a non-slip middle that helps you experience a better grip while using it.
  • The grafting tool has a spring-loaded plunger inside. This pushes the larva from the reed, right into the cup. This will simplify the process.
  • The grafting tool set has 10 pieces of grafting tool inside.
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  • The grafting simplifies a strong grip. You will surely get a better experience and it will simplify the work as well. 
  • The grafting tool is flexible and has a spatula tip, this helps in improving the efficiency of the process.
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Assist You in Gently Moving Your Bee Larvae from the Nest to the Queen Cell Cup! a Must-Have Tool!


  • You need to have skills to use the grafting tool.
  • You need to be careful while using the grafting tool. 


The market has a number of commercial grafting tools available for this delicate work. The tool choice completely depends upon individual preference. There are times when beekeepers create their own from materials, stats wire, a paper clip, or other common household items that helps in the Queen rearing process. Beekeeping queen larva retractable grafting tool is thbestat tool in line that can make your task simple and fast. Try the same. 

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