Choosing an Animal Testing Product That Suits You Best

animal testing product

For years, the companies that manufacture skin and personal care products have fought against a move towards animal testing. Because the ingredients in these products are the same ones that are tested on animals, the argument goes that these companies are breaking the law by selling these products to the public if they use these ingredients. This is a complex and highly debated topic. The animal rights group calls this “food-grade” labeling, while supporters of animal testing say that the cosmetic industry is simply trying to protect their supply sources.

What Does Food-Grade Label Mean?

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There is no legal definition for “food-grade.” However, according to the European Union, any material that is a mixture of synthetic and natural substances must be declared as such on the label. In the US, some states have laws requiring that manufacturers of personal care products include a statement that describes the product’s contents, including the percentage of synthetic and natural ingredients. Some states, like California, have even gone so far as to pass laws requiring manufacturers to call their products food-grade if they are intended to be consumed by adults. So, how can animal testing impact your personal care products?

What Are The Laws Regarding Animal Testing?

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If the European Union’s directive becomes a US law, individual manufacturers will be responsible for using only natural and organic ingredients when adding them to personal care products. So, what does this mean for you? A lot depends on whether you live in a state that has passed a law like California. Although many other states have similar requirements, California’s requirement is the largest. Suppose your cosmetic products are deemed cruelty-free in California. In that case, you won’t have to sign a waiver stating that you are aware of animal testing, and you won’t have to comply with the additional animal experimentation requirement.

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What If The Company Isn’t Using Animal Testing?

On the flip side, if a company fails to use animal testing and purchases an item from them, California will require that you take the products back for a refund, regardless of the state law. In addition to the refund request, the California animal testing policy requires that you also give the cosmetics company written information about how you were made aware of the cruelty to animals. This means you will need to include a copy of the original label packaging and the date the label was produced. Even if the company chooses not to abide by the state law, giving this information to customers may make them more honest about their products. After all, wouldn’t you rather choose a cosmetics company whose safety is the priority?

Final Words

When purchasing animal testing supplies, it is important to understand the full set of responsibilities that a manufacturer will have. A good company will make sure that all animal testing products are labeled with appropriate statements and that they are sold in stores that cater to consumers who are interested in reducing animal testing. You should also ensure that the company buys in from reputable suppliers. By doing your research and making informed decisions, you can help play your part in helping the animals put through the wringer for your cosmetics.

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