Decorating A Stuffed Animal Pet Memorial

stuffed animal pet memorial

The stuffed animal can be kept by its owner, or given to a trusted family member as a gift on the day of the memorial. In either case, the memorial will certainly be remembered by everyone at the service. Some families keep the custom stuffed animal with them in their homes for years, and it then becomes an important keepsake of family history.

Some people are allergic to stuffed animals, so you might want to make sure you’re choosing a nice memorial for them that doesn’t have one. A great alternative is to make your own. There are several things you need to keep in mind when making a custom pet stuffed animal. The size of the stuffed animal needs to be determined, since this will determine how much it weighs, how big it needs to be, and how deep it needs to be buried. You’ll also need to make sure you choose a nice pattern, and that you follow it closely.

A Large Stuffed Animal

A dog standing on top of a grass covered field

One thing you can do to make sure your custom pet stuffed animal memorial is exactly what you want it to be is to draw out the pattern on paper first. You don’t have to use the expensive ink and paper like you would for a real picture, but just something that will show up clearly on paper. You can draw outlines and decide which parts will go where, and you can even add extra parts to the design. You can do this for everything from a small cat to a large bear.

Next, you’ll have to decide what kind of memorial you’d like for the animal. Do you want it simply to be a large stuffed animal with the owner’s name written on the front? Some people prefer to have a photo or image of their pet, in its original size, placed somewhere on the inside of the memorial. Others prefer to have an image of their pet somewhere on the outside, as a remembrance of the special time you had together. If you have the opportunity, you might even consider putting a piece of the pet in a glass for added sparkle and remembrance.

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The Photo Or Image

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Of course, the main part of your custom pet statue memorial is the photo or image of your furry friend. This can be placed on top of the stuffed animal, or you could use the same image for both. If you choose to use an image of your animal, there are some things you can do to make it look as authentic as possible. You can either practice lighting and effects so that it matches that of your actual animal, or you can have a friend or family member to pose for a photo inside of a similar costume as yours.

The same can be said for a custom cat statue. A cat is a very popular memorial, especially because so many people love cats. Some people even have multiple cats in their home, so this makes sense to have a custom cat statue somewhere in the house. Again, practice lighting and effects so that the photo or image looks as real as possible. This can really bring life to your memorial, especially if your feline is small or scaly.

Stuffed Animal Looks Good

Another thing that can help make your stuffed animal memorial more authentic is to have the whole thing done in one sitting. This will not only ensure that your stuffed animal looks good, but it will also help you with the cleanup.

It will be easy to dust and clean up after each person who passes by. If you do this for several years, you can really enjoy keeping your pet’s memory around for a long time.

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There are many ways to incorporate a stuffed animal into your memorial. These ideas are just a few of the many that you can come up with. If you have the budget, this is one way to really keep your memory of your pet alive in your family for years to come. The best thing about a stuffed animal memorial is that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you choose a photo or custom photo to go with the image, you can have a truly lasting memorial to enjoy forever.

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