Details Of Animal Adoption Zoo

animal adoption zoo

Currently, a large portion of animals is under the risk of being extinct. So, to protect them and save the country’s fauna, we need a good animal adoption zoo. So, let us discuss the procedure, privileges, and list of animal adoption zoo.

Why Do We Need An Animal Adoption Zoo?

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Leaping of a deer, incredible song of the nightingale, the peacock’s mesmerizing dance, and also the roar of a tiger all these were the common part of incredible India. Unfortunately, due to consistent degradation and hunting of wildlife, these are no longer the common scenery. Many animals and birds are either endangered or likely to be extinct soon.

If you want to protect the Indian culture and tradition and its flora and fauna, then we need an animal adoption zoo. If the same trend of shrinkage and hunting continues to prevail, we will be left with photographs of our beautiful fauna. Therefore, we need to create love and attachment with wild animals by creating awareness among the people. And one of the easiest ways to protect our fauna is to set up an animal adoption zoo. Due to the reasons mentioned above, we need a comprehensive animal adoption zoo. We can adopt animals and birds by following certain steps and can contribute to this noble cause.

Procedure To Adopt An Animal Or Bird

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So, Follow the below simple steps to adopt the animals and birds.

Firstly, Select anyone one zoo of your choice.

Secondly, pick your favorite animal exhibited in the zoo as given to you in the list.

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Choose your support as per your budget for the month/year.

Then, fill the complete attached form and hand it to the concerned zoo in-charge.

Moreover, You can give an adopted animal to your near and dear ones.

In any case, your preferred animal is already adopted, your name will come on the waiting list, and as soon as your animal is available, you will be contacted by the zoo authorities.

List Of The Animals Available For Adoption Along With Their Rates

Important Note:

At least ten birds shall have to be adopted.

Moreover, For the little ones of the above animals like calves, cubs, chicks & fawns, etc., the charges will be half of the amount mentioned above in the chart.

Go And Adopt From An Animal Adoption Zoo

So, to contribute to this noble cause, go quickly to an animal adoption zoo, and adopt your favorite animal. Animal adoption zoo needs your support and help. So, try to help them to protect our fauna.

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