Here Is What You Should Do For Your Baby Kitten

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First of all, Congratulation on your new member of your family. Getting a cute baby kitten to be part of your family is an experience that is usually filled with lots of laughter, joy, and warmth. Now that you have a baby kitten, there are a few things that you need to consider. First of all you the most important thing at this point is to take the kitten to your local veterinarian for a quick health check. You vet will provide you with the best way to take care of your new kitten as well as provide it with vaccinations and deworming treatments as needed.

Here are a few things about taking care of your kitten you need to consider:


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Nutrition is a key factor when it comes to the growth of your kitten. A kitten should be fed on both high quality commercial cat food and some natural food, so as to ensure that a balanced diet is maintained. Always ensure that your kitten have access to clean water all the time and also avoid giving your kitten’s cow milk.


A cat that is looking at the camera

Although you might prefer to share your bed with your kitten, is very important that you provide the kitten with its own comfortable dry bed. Use beddings that are safe and can be easily cleaned and dried, also ensure that you place the bed in a place that is cozy and private.


Your kitten’s playtime is quite important since it helps build a bond between you and the kitten. As we all know, kittens are very playful pets that love to spend their extra energy playing around with cat toys and interacting with their owners. You should try out different kind of toys so that your kitten doesn’t get bored quickly.

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For medium haired and long haired cats, regular grooming is very important to keeping the cat neat. It’s a good idea to start grooming your cat at an early age as it become enjoyable and a good bonding activity in its routine care. Always reward your cat with a sweet cat food treat and verbal praise each time it allow you to groom it.

This way the kitten will associate grooming with some positive rewards, making the entire grooming process a positive experience for you and the kitten.  Grooming removes loose hair, dust, grass seeds, tangles, and dead skin, which will make your cat to experience “fur balls” this is a condition whereby a cat while self-grooming swallow’s fur, especially for long-haired cats, the fur builds up in the stomach and eventually comes out as vomit.

Grooming should always be a comfortable and fun experience for your cat. And the best way to achieve that is by avoiding any hair pulling and jerking movements. When it comes to bathing, you should not that cats do not like to be bathed since they find it very stressful, in short, avoid bathing unless recommended otherwise by a credited vet for medical reasons.

Scratching poles

Cats need to scratch things from time to time as it’s their natural behavior, and it also helps keep their nails in good condition. It very important for you to provide your cat with a scratching post or several scratching posts around the house. This will prevent your cat from scratching and damaging other objects in your house. 

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A good example is furniture, in a scenario where you do not have a scratching post, you will always find your kitten scratching your sofa, which tends to damage your sofa. Before the kittens comes of age and realizes that certain spots are the scratching posts, you will need to cover your furniture with protective material so as to prevent any damage that might be caused as the cats scratch almost everything within your house.

Health care

Health care is a very huge factor that you should consider, especially if you are going to own a kitten. You should conduct annual health checkups, microchipping, desexing, vaccination, and flea and worm prevention. Desexing prior to maturity helps prevent unwanted or unplanned for litter of kittens. Desexing is always a good way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens within your community; it also has health and behavioral benefits such as it helps reduce the desire to roam in search of mates and urine marking.

Also, it’s good to keep in mind that some of the commonly found weeds, such as lilies, are toxic to cats. It would be best if you familiarized yourself with such plants so that you may get rid of them from your garden.

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