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animal health express

“Animal Health Express” is a pet food business based in the northwest and operated by individuals from the northwest. Our owners Tim and Barbara Jackson have been in the pet industry for many years and know your animals just as well! We care about your pets and your future as a pet parent. We carry many top brand product lines from all of your top brand manufacturers. Give our knowledgeable and friendly staff a call today and learn more about what we can do for you!

An Overview

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“Animal Health Express” is a company that promotes healthier livestock through innovation, education, and marketing. This company also supports healthy lifestyles by selling only natural wholesome foods, including locally grown and harvested products from our own dairy herd, sheep and alfalfa fields. They strive to make everything they sell good for the animals and human consumers by keeping the focus on healthy lifestyles and chemical free products. The “animal health express” business was recently ranked 6th out of all small to mid size food service companies in Washington, D.C.

In the September-ember issue of “The New York Times” there was an article titled “Jackshaw Knows Best”, this article described our operations at” Animal Health Express”. This article described how we offer quality services to pet owners throughout Washington, D.C. Our other products are available nationally, and we deliver our products right to your door. In this article we discussed some of the items that we sell, including our lamb meat, chickens, beef and eggs products, and also our organic, natural beef and chicken products.

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Animal Health Express Facts

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The “animal health express” website referred to in this article is operated by Barbara Jackson, and she has been a local journalist for many years. Ms. Jackson raises cattle on her farm in rural Washington, D.C. Her passion for raising healthy, happy cattle is apparent in her bio on the site. She and her husband have decided to start a company that will focus on holistic ranching and wholesaling. Her business plan is not unlike many others, she will sell healthy, natural cattle and poultry products, along with specialty products such as pet food, human food and cosmetics.

What is animal health express all about? Animal health is about healthy cattle and poultry and balancing the environment. For example, Barbara Jackson’s company takes special precautions to insure the health and well being of the livestock on their ranch. For example, the company will only raise white and brown buffalo, deer, elk, and moose on Barbara’s ranch.

How do you know if something is animal health express? This is a very good question. The company sells all natural beef, pork, and chicken. This is part of what makes it different from your average farm market. The beef is not frozen in order to preserve its flavor, it is made to eat right off of the grill.

Why is animal health express so different? In addition to selling healthful products for humans, pet owners, and ranchers, the company also sells a line of baby and kids clothing. The animal health express website contains tons of information on their website including how to care for animals, tips for starting a ranch, and information about raising cattle, sheep, goats, and turkeys. In addition, Barbara Jackson’s website includes lots of great recipes and tips for your kids. I especially love the tip for starting your own ranch that says you can make a nice living off of selling livestock, because it is really true!

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In The End

The animal health and wellness label are definitely one to watch out for. If the VSA has taken notice of this company and Barbara is co-founder and owner of this amazing ranch, it is likely that many other VSA member farmers will soon as well. I believe that this particular venture is going to set new standards for organic cattle raising and will help set the stage for future innovations. I am looking forward to learning more about this exciting business opportunity.

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