Non Animal Product Shoes – Check If You Are Eco Friendly

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Everyone likes a good-looking pair of shoes but does it have to be made with animal skin? No there are a lot of shoes that are made from non animal products and no animals were harmed in the process of making them. Let’s talk about some non animal product shoes and have a look at their features and benefits.

Non Animal Product Shoes

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No doubt a pair of pure leather shoes are more stylish and comfortable as compared to others. But do you know how was the leather obtained in the first place? The leather is obtained from skins of various animals like cows, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, crocodiles, ostrich, and other exotic animals. Cow skins are used more often to make leather shoes. 

Non Animal Product Shoes – Features

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Various cruelty-free, chic and eco-friendly vegan leather options are available. It shouldn’t matter whether your shoes are made from leather or not. Three things that a person should look for in a pair of shoes before buying them are style, size, and comfort. These three demands can be fulfilled by shoes made from canvas, vegan leather, or other animal-friendly materials. Many popular and stylish brands like Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, Veja, Adidas, etc produce shoes from materials like cotton, pineapple leather, polyester, wild Brazilian rubber, corn-based vegan leather and many more environmentally friendly materials.

Non Animal Product Shoes – What To Expect

Here are some non animal product shoes and their features

Canvas Shoes

These shoes are not made from any animal products. It is perfect for hot weather because it is much more breathable than normal shoes. As compared to other shoes it is very lightweight and an ideal fit for work out and sports as their flat sole allows you to dig your heels in to keep your balance.

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Vegan Leather Shoes

These shoes are very durable as they are water-resistant and stain-resistant. Vegan leather is capable of holding up against extreme weather conditions too. Custom sizing, flexible, cruelty-free, aesthetics, handcrafted workmanship, low maintenance are some of the features that will convince you to buy these shoes for sure.

Synthetic Shoes

These shoes are also known as faux leather because they are as good as leather. It’s a manmade fabric so it holds color and design for a long time. It is easy to manufacture and clean them. They are water-resistant too. 


Apart from all the features mentioned above the most important thing is that it is cruelty-free. There was no animal rearing or slaughter in the process of production. There is no need to say but animals need their skin to survive. Animals whose skin is used to make leather are killed before the skin is torn from their bodies. Sometimes they are skinned alive which is extremely painful. Instead of harming them and making use of their skin people should understand the feelings of animals and show some love and kindness towards them. It is never too late to start being eco friendly and if you would like to start somewhere, you might want to start with not using animal product shoes.

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