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The Grosse Pointe Animal Rescue Society has officially announced creating a new animal rescue organization in Harper Woods, Massachusetts. The new facility will be called the Thomas A. Mackey Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. It is expected to be operational in the spring of 2021. According to a news release, the group hopes to provide “high-quality, humane, experienced and secure shelter for animals struggling in life on the street.” Currently, there are approximately sixty-five animals in the system. Some of them have been living in abusive conditions.

Grosse Pointe Skink Rehabilitation

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Two-hundred dogs, cats, and kittens are currently in the state’s system. The new facility will focus on Grosse Pointe skink rehabilitation. The goals are considered an endangered species in the state. The current shelter is overcapacity. Overcrowding and a lack of proper shelter conditions are to blame. According to the news release, the current shelter can house only about twenty-six pets at any given time.

Regarding the animals currently residing in the facility, it is believed that fourteen male Grosse jumpers and twelve female skinks remain. The total number of animals that were in the shelter is fifty-eight. One male skin that is neutered and considering to be sold has not arrived. The animal’s adoption fee was one hundred and fifty dollars. The prince said that it is male spayed, but a nevus has not arrived.

Capacity Of Shelter

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The current shelter has a capacity of fifteen to twenty-four animals. Another animal that is thought to be in the shelter is a yellow lab. The price of this animal was eighty-one dollars. The owner lives in Harper Woods.

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The owner lives in Harper woods but has not brought the animal to the Grosse Pointe area to be adopted. This could be a problem because if brought to the area and put up for adoption, it would be considered an exotic pet and would need a special permit. The price asked for these animals was about two hundred dollars each.

About a month ago, I was asked to meet with the Grosse Pointe animal adoption center director. I met with him in his office, and he invited me to visit the animal shelter and interview the owners. He asked me to write down some questions to have the answers handy for when we met. After the meeting, the director gave me the price for male Josie.


The price he gave me for the male Josie was seven hundred and fifty dollars. That was less than half of what the Grosse Pointe animal rescue had offered to the owner, which was about one hundred and fifty-two dollars. The sale was made through the foster-based animal rescue. The price said that the pet owner needed to have a sponsor, someone who lives in the immediate area. The pet was free because he came from neighboring communities.

I was happy to hear about this story because it showed how a small town helps those in need. It also showed how a large non-profit organization could help those in need. The Grosse Pointe River protects all of the local places lost to abuse and neglect. Through the Grosse Pointe Animal Association, we can help pets find new homes, and we can help stop the cycle of abuse and neglect. If you need a pet, contact the Grosse Pointe SPCA and make a quick and painless visit to the nearest animal shelter.

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Another organization in the area is the Grosse Pointe Animal Rescue (GRASP). The goal of the organization is to rescue neglected or abused animals. The rescue receives funding through a grant from Ohio, and all of the profit is used to help pay the bills of the rescue and buy new equipment for the shelter. They also offer spaying/neutering services and low-cost vaccinations for cats, ferrets, and hamsters. They have an adoption center for cats and kittens, which has helped reduce the shelter’s intake of cats by two thirds.


The other place in town that you can visit if you are looking for a pet is the Grosse Pointe Pets Rescue (GRPSR). The Grosse Pointe Pets Rescue mission is to create a permanent home for abused and neglected animals. They will accept any cat, dog, rabbit, bird, reptile, or aquarium animal up for adoption. The mainstay of the GRPSR is to offer medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care for these animals so that loving families can hopefully adopt them. All of the animals that come to the rescue are given a full examination by a licensed veterinarian, have their medical history thoroughly checked, and are spayed/neutered if necessary.

Final Words

Each of the four local shelters mentioned above has several different roles to play. Each area focuses on a particular aspect of animal care. All of them find suitable homes for the animals that are in their care, as well as participating in various community activities. If you are looking for a new pet and live in or near the area of Grosse Pointe, you might want to check out the listed organizations. You may be able to help a needy family find a new home for a beloved pet while participating in a wonderful community effort.

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