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pet world animal shelter

Pet World – Animal Shelter – your own personal creature game application with energetic canines, cuddly felines, charming hares, brilliant hamsters, and lovable guinea pigs. Take on adorable ponies and a charming youthful foal, just as heaps of various barnyard animals like brassy goats, sheep, and pigs at the Sunflower Animal Shelter! Care for and help entrancing reptiles like snakes and turtles and care for other wild creatures, including fish, deer, hedgehogs, a smooth operator, an agile squirrel, and brilliant parrots! Your creatures need to be adored, helped, and really focused on! Let’s discuss the review of pet world animal shelter here.


A brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field
  • Take care of various types of animals and pets.
  • Playful and knowledgeable about animals.
  • Find new homes for horses, birds, dogs, cats, fish, and other adorable animals.
  • Lots of animals and other surprises for players.
  • Have fun playing this free game.

Customer Reviews For The Game

A dog standing on grass

Amazing game! Yes, it does kick you out after the first time, but all you need to do is turn off your WiFi! That easy, people! Customers love all the varieties of animals, and taking care of them to earn coins to buy new animal areas creates a challenge! You start with rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters! Also, this is a great game because you can play it in the car or at home! For at your house, as Customer said, all you gotta do is turn off your WiFi! Yeah, ya heard me! You can also buy the animals with money, all at once, but that makes the game lose the fun. Completed it? Wanna start over? Just delete and get it again! YEE! Also, know that if you buy animals, and start over, the ones you bought with money will respawn and stay in-game. Great game overall!

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The game is awesome, except that parents want to get bunnies, hamsters, and ginny pigs for their kids, which is how they end up in animal shelters in the first place! The customer has done lots of research on rabbits, hamsters, and ginny pigs, and he has a bunny of his own. And the thing is that bunnies are a lot of work and are NOT FOR KIDS, same with hamsters, not to mention that the cages are not suitable for any small animal. However, hamsters need at least 6 inches of bedding so they can make a donkey. So if you can, please do some research on the small animals and Chang.

Some People write Excellent, good, game, and best for the time pass and many more. 

Bottom Line

Apart from these, there are lots of reviews on there which show that it is a very famous game and most of the people like to play the game. However, it has a good rating as well, so if you have a free time to spare, then you can go for this amazing and exciting game. You can download it free from the internet and play offline and online.

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