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Animal Kingdom Pet Store is a well known one-stop solution for all your pet requirements. They have more than 35 years of experience in the pet industry and growing largely among most of the popular cities all over the world. Their huge number of breeds, animals of different ages, healthy fishes, and other top quality pet products gives you the ultimate experience. They also provide professional help and advice for caring for your pets, choosing suitable foods, pet supplies, and other services like pet grooming, training, and breeding. Here are some of the services offered by them.

Pet Food

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In Animal Kingdom, you can get your pet food easily according to your pet breed, age, and food habits. They have an extensive number of pet food from the best brands that ensure quality and quantity. They have a wide variety of stock and if you can’t find your choice then simply put an order, they will stock that up for you without any additional cost. Food for different animals includes Dogs, Cats, Fishes, Reptiles, Birds, and small animals like Hedgehog, Rabbits, Hamster, Chinchilla, Spiders, etc.

Moreover, you can choose food according to the age and breed of your pet in both wet and dry form, they are also customizable.

Pet Accessories

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When you bring in a furry friend, you can bring along pet accessories for them because all kinds of accessories are available in Animal Kingdom. You can get Pet homes, beds and blankets, toys for playing, Feeding bowls, Litter trays, Harness, collars, cages, pet carriers, etc. There are hundreds of options in accessories and most of them are customizable, they also come at a discount when bought along with pets.

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Fishes and Aquarium

You can get a large variety of exotic fishes and all sizes of fish aquariums at Animal Kingdom. There are various kinds of colorful fishes including Goldfish, Angelfish, Oscars, Parrotfish, Koi, Bettas, Poolfish, and Piranhas. They also offer aquarium setups at home, office, hotels, and restaurants for extra convenience. Moreover, you can get visits for tank cleaning, tank replacement, up-gradation, and many more. Fish food, fish accessories, and aquarium decorating accessories such as plants, pebbles, oxygen tanks, colorful lights, and catching nets.

Pet Grooming

Animal kingdom takes great care when it comes to pet grooming, they don’t use the cage drying method, instead take hygienic steps in all kinds of grooming and treatments. From ear cleaning, nail clipping, fur cutting to total shampoo bath, flea dips, skunk treatments, and other medical treatments, animal kingdom has all you require under one ceiling. You can also find pet grooming tools at the stores such as hairbrushes, trimmers, clippers and scissors, massage gloves, shampoos and powders, treatment creams, and pet sprays.


The Animal kingdom pet store has everything you need for your furry friends, they also specialize in removing matted hair. Locate a store nearby or just visit their official websites, you can talk to them via WhatsApp and email, book grooming appointments directly, and get professional help anytime.

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