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VCA Animal Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts, is shutting down. The beloved animal hospital has treated and euthanized millions of animals over the years. Since 1987, VCA Animal Hospital in Springfield has performed more than twenty thousand surgeries, performed more than six hundred implants, and treated more than four hundred people suffering from a variety of diseases. Though this is a sad situation for all those who have been treated at this humane sanctuary, it is better that this beautiful facility will be closing for good.

Veterinarians at VCA Animal Hospital worked hard to provide the very best care for animals. This caring work took many forms and included many different facets of care including emergency room services, surgical services, dental care, laboratory care, pet health and wellness, and nutrition and dietitian’s office. When asked what their most important purpose is, every veterinarian responded that it was to save the life of animals. Since its founding, VCA animal hospitals have treated millions of animals and saved many lives. Some of these animals have even been able to pass away naturally at home, where their friends and families are waiting anxiously to see them regain strength and life.

An Overview

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Veterinarians worked hard to keep up with the latest in veterinary technology, working closely with the staff at VCA Animal Hospital in Springfield to develop the most modern equipment and diagnostic tools available. In order to treat a patient properly and efficiently, every pet must undergo an initial consultation visit with a veterinary technician. During the consultation, the technician will conduct a series of routine assessments, take vital signs, and order tests to rule out serious underlying problems. When the technician assesses the situation, he or she will make a referral to a qualified veterinarian. Once the referral is made, the veterinary team will meet with the patient and begin a thorough examination of the pet’s health and possible treatments.

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The goal of a quality animal hospital is to get pets back into the owners’ lives as soon as possible. As you can imagine, when something like this happens, emotions run high both for the animal and the owner. The animal may have lost its tail, suffered a broken leg, or even been mauled by a large dog. It is natural that the owner will be highly emotional and wish to provide the best care possible for their pet.

The staff at VCA Animal Hospital in Springfield is committed to providing world-class emergency care. They utilize state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure the accurate diagnosis of each animal and provide supportive treatment until they are back to normal. The staff also uses modern diagnostic equipment and a well-trained and experienced veterinary surgical team. This allows the staff to offer the best possible treatment in any situation and brings comfort to the families and pets of patients.

VCA Animal Hospital Services

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One of the most popular parts of the VCA Springfield Animal Hospital is the Pet Food Bank. The Pet Food Bank has been established in order to help pet owners with their expenses associated with the vet. When a pet owners’ pet becomes ill, they often cannot afford to pay for the bill. The Pet Food Bank distributes money each week to cover the costs of veterinary medicine. The money that the bank receives is then distributed to local pet owners that qualify for the program. Many local pet owners do not have a pet insurance plan available, which means that they often have to pay out-of-pocket for the cost of medicine.

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The Pet Food Bank was established so that pet owners would not have to worry about going hungry. No pet owner should have to worry about going hungry or going without the appropriate food for their pet. Pet food companies have developed programs that will reimburse them on a monthly basis. In addition to this, every VCA Springfield animal hospital offers free coupons for pet food companies.

There are many other medical and emergency services that are offered at the VCA Springfield Animal Hospital. This includes spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heart worm testing, hair replacement, and even microchips. Many local pet owners do not have a license for their business and are not aware of the laws that govern keeping animals on their property. These laws vary from city, county, and state. It is best to contact your local authorities in order to ensure that your animal will be able to be properly cared for while you are away. By doing some research, you can find a suitable facility for your pet, whether it is for emergencies only, or if you have a large group of friends that frequently visit your Springfield property.

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