Small Animals From Australia: Cutest Animals - Know More

Small Animals From Australia: Cutest Animals

Native animals of Australia are very cute and adorable, such as Koala is and herbivorous animals, found in coastal areas, Echidna, Wombat, and Cane toad. Many more Small Animals from Australia, which are Cutest Animals, are mentioned in this article.

Small and Cutest Animals

  1. Quokka: Meet this animal; it is cute as it is rare. They found in south-west corner Western Australia, they look like a cat-sized Kangaroo, but they are very friendly. They are happy when they bond with humans for a selfie. You will find them on Rottnest island with a resident population of 10,000.
  2. Sugar glider: There eyes are more prominent and in real life, version of Pokemon. The plane has a membrane connecting with forelegs and hind legs due to which they glide through the air, and they float around trees. They found on the north and east coasts of Australia.
  3. Platypus: When George Shaw, a British biologist, saw a platypus in 1799 for the first time, he thought that it was a hoax, and he even uses scissors to examine it. Scientists determine that it is a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal, which found in the east of Australia.
  4. Wombat: These four legs animals are roly-poly, and they are designed, such as cuddled. They found in south-eastern Australia, you can recognize them by their distinctive cube-shaped poo. And they scatter like brown dice.
Small Animals From Australia: Cutest Animals
Small Animals From Australia: Cutest Animals

Native Animals

  • Sea Lion: Crocodiles, jellyfish, and sharks are some scary animals of Australia, the sea lion is one of them. The puppies of sea lion found on the south-west coast of the country. 
  • Tree- Kangaroo: Tree- Kangaroo native is to rain forests of tropical far North Queensland. There are 14 species of tree kangaroo. Day by day, their population is decreasing due to hunting.
  • Koala: Koala is the animal with fluffy ears, dog eyes, big nose, cuddly body, and he sleeps 20 hours a day. Koala found on the east and south coast of Australia. They find a gum tree to laze around all day.
  • Bilby: British have killed one species of the bilby, but another species found in central Australia with dwelling, long nose, and pointy ear. Australians tuck them as chocolate bilbies.
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Small Animals From Australia: Cutest Animals
Small Animals From Australia: Cutest Animals
  • Echidna: Echidna is so cute that in spite of knowing that they covered with thousands of sharp spikes, you want to hug them. It is the most widespread mammal. Four species of Echidna are still surviving.
  • Kangaroo: We can’t forget the national symbol animal of Australia’s. It is one of the cutest animals, you can spot Kangaroo around the country. The people in Australia also eat them, Aussies encourage them to get Kangaroo meat on their folk to combat the overpopulation problem.
  • Wallaroo is smaller than Kangaroo or Wallaroo. There are 11 species of brush wallabies. These are the animals which look like little Kangaroo, you can find them in Australia. Below are some animals which belong to Australia.    

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