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pet pals animal clinic

It is an established veterinary clinic that has been providing pet care services to pets, dogs and cats for the last 17 years. In this clinic, you can treat your pet with all kinds of diseases and illnesses. The pet doctors of this veterinary clinic are trained to handle any kind of pet ailment and have all the required certifications. They also make sure that your pet is perfectly healthy. Here are some of the treatments that you can get from the pet clinics of the Pet Pals Animal Clinic:

Pet Insurance

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There are a lot of pet owners who do not take out pet insurance. These pet owners usually are not covered under emergency or accident expenses. Many times these owners have their pets insured on their life policy. But sometimes, they end up losing the coverage because the policy expired or because they have made claims on the policy. That’s why it is very important to ensure that your pet is insured by an insurance policy before you bring him/her to the Pet Pals Animal Clinic.

Pet Health Checks

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This is another service offered by this clinic. The veterinarians of the Pet Pals Animal Clinic conduct regular health checks on the pets of pet owners. This ensures that the pets are in good health and there is no reason for the pet owners to worry about their animals.

Pet Health Savings Account

This is a special pet insurance plan that allows you to save money on health care of your pets. You can use the money that you save in the account and purchase necessary medications, lab fees, surgeries and other medical services for your animals.

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Pet Insurance. This is an added benefit of the pet insurance plan of the Pet Pals Animal Clinic. The pet insurance plan covers all the expenses that are incurred by your pet in the veterinary offices. In addition to that, if any animal is lost or stolen, the pet insurance plan will pay for the cost of advertising the loss on television, newspapers and the Internet.

This is another service that is being offered by the Pet Pals Animal Clinic. It is through the referral services that pet owners are offered assistance so that they can reduce the number of visits their pets require from their veterinary clinics.

Pet Health Savings Account

The pet owner’s insurance policy offered by the Pet Pals Animal Clinic also offers pet owners pet health savings account. This is an account where you can deposit money that you would like to save. The money is then taken out when your pet needs a certain treatment or operation. Since the money comes directly out of your own pocket, this pet owners insurance policy proves to be very advantageous to pet owners.

Veterinary Savings Plans

The Pet Pals Animal Clinic also offers veterinary savings plans for pet owners who are not able to treat their animals through the pet insurance policies. The idea of this pet owners insurance is that the owners will be given a credit card where with the card owner can purchase procedures and treatments for their animals which would otherwise have to be paid for by their respective veterinary clinics. In most cases, the charges for such treatments and operations are lower than what is usually charged by the average veterinary clinics.

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Summing Up

Pet Clinic. Some pet owners also opt to bring their pets to the Pet Pals Animal Clinic for specialized treatment instead of visiting regular veterinaries. The Pet Pals Animal Clinic offers the specialized treatment that can help their pet owners. The clinic provides services that include surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, vaccinations, chemotherapy, microchip surgery, tendon/ligament surgery, ear and feather transplantation, laser surgeries and many more.

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