Veterinary Practice Certifications

The doctors at the Pet Doctor are dedicated to giving you the care and compassionate care that you deserve at a reasonable rate. At your appointment with the Pet Doctor you will meet with the team of fully trained and experienced doctors who are all members of the American Association of Housecall Veterinarians.

Variety of services are provided:

Veterinary Practice Certifications

The veterinarians at the Pet Doctor provide a wide variety of services to help you maintain the quality of life that you have created for your pet. Many of the services that the Pet Doctor offers also include: free annual pet check-ups, free referral information, pet insurance, pet exams and vaccinations, free rabies shots, cash for old dogs and cats, pet heartworm testing, pet diet advice, pet grooming instruction, pet tracking or microchip identification, pet health assessment, pet records review, pet owner education seminars, pet relocation assistance, pet legal assistance and more. In addition, the veterinarians at the Pet Doctor are authorized to administer vaccinations and neutering, as well as administer a host of other procedures such as distemper vaccination, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination, bordetella vaccination, heartworm tests, flea and tick treatments, microchips, heartworm treatment, and much more. If your pet has been diagnosed with any of these conditions, the veterinary team will assist you in finding the appropriate treatment. You will be given valuable advice on how to care for your pet so that it can continue to enjoy a healthy, long life.

Traits of pet doctors:

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The Pet Doctor prides itself on its caring, compassionate approach to providing the best care for your pet. The veterinarians at the Pet Doctor rely on their extensive client education and experience in providing comprehensive pet care. They will work closely and communicate with you, the pet owner, regarding your pet’s needs and recommend the most beneficial plan of care. To meet the high standards of care and service the pet clients of the Pet Doctor receive, the veterinarians carefully screen all pets to ensure they are healthy and meeting the needs of their clients. Additionally, the veterinarians work in close collaboration with qualified staff members, including a staff of highly skilled veterinarians, technicians, licensed veterinary technicians, office staff and other support staff. These include a full time veterinary technician, a receptionist for answering the phones, a licensed animal surgeon and a pet nutritionist.

In the United States, a pet doctor is allowed to dispense medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The Pet Doctor also provides diagnostic and surgical procedures for many common pet ailments and conditions. These services are offered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can schedule an appointment to come and see the veterinarians in the hospital, or you can schedule an in-house visit if this is not possible. If you do come to the veterinary hospital for an appointment, your treatment can be scheduled by the doctor at your convenience. Your veterinary services are guaranteed by the American Association of Housecall Veterinarians and are offered at reasonable prices.

Preventative care for your pet:

When it comes to preventative care for your pet, the Pet Doctor can provide the highest levels of quality in a veterinary hospital. They are highly trained to provide comprehensive examinations and offer preventative care to help you protect your pets against common and complex pet illnesses and diseases. They also offer treatments such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing and disease treatment and management. The goal of the veterinarians in the veterinary practice is to provide the best quality care and health services for their patients and pets.

Preventative care can prevent serious problems in the future, including the possibility of cancer, congenital defects, birth defects, neurological disorders, dehydration, etc. As well, the pet doctors provide high-tech diagnostics, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic procedures and vaccinations that save you money and time. If your pet has been spayed or neutered, there will be minimal blood tests required. The veterinarians offer vaccinations that target the highest risk factors for each breed and age group, regardless of whether the animals have genetic problems or are purebred.

The medical costs associated with veterinary hospital care can be overwhelming, especially when compared to what the pet doctor pays for the same type of care. In addition, the pet doctor has more access to doctors and hospitals, and the veterinarians have access to the latest in technology. You can rest assured that if you are in the financial position to cover the costs associated with long-term care for your pet, the veterinarian in your local veterinary hospital will provide top-notch health care and quality treatment and medications, making it easier than ever to stay in compliance with your obligations to your animal.

Whether you are in need of routine physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, flea treatments, ear cleaning or even surgical procedures, the pet doctor at your local veterinary hospital can give you the same level of care at a fraction of the cost. When you go to the vet, it’s not only expensive – it’s also time-consuming and inconvenient. There are countless fees that must be paid and it can be difficult to keep track of all the appointments. For these reasons, many people find that going to the veterinary hospital is the best option for them. It saves them time and money, provides peace of mind knowing that their pets are taken care of in a professional environment and reduces the stress of the constant bills. With a veterinary practice certification, you can feel confident about the treatment you receive for your pet.

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