Woman Loses Her Five Puppies To Animal Adoption

broward county animal adoption

The first dog, a pug, was adopted by Broward County resident Nicolella Johnson. She had lost a pet to a car accident when she was just sixteen years old. She was determined to find a responsible person to adopt her newest addition, a border collie-mix dog, and began her search in earnest two months ago. Ms. Johnson knew that she had little to no experience in animal care and that the typical rescue group she had seen with her mom was simply not right for her. But she was heartbroken as she watched her beloved pet suffer without care.

Broward County Animal Adoption

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Nicolella had finally found what it was she was looking for when she visited a breeder who had a beautiful cinnamon-breed dog in need of a foster mother. Ms. Johnson was excited to bring Cinnamon out of the shelter and into her loving arms, having been told that her new family member would make a great pet because of her lively temperament and cute, curled hair. However, after having six months of training under the care of her foster mother, she realized that her cinnamon was neither a dog nor a good candidate for adoption. According to Ms. Johnson, her cinnamon loved attention but did not take well to being left alone or without supervision for long periods of time. As a breed, cinnamon is known to be lazy and inactive when alone or without company.

Because of this, Nicole felt that it was important that she retained custody of her cinnamon, which she had recently found in an animal shelter. Having heard from a friend about a radio station that gave away free dogs, Ms. Johnson contacted the station. The radio station informed Ms. Johnson that her cinnamon had been adopted by someone with three other dogs. This news sent Ms. Johnson and her dog scrambling to find somewhere to go while their new friend came home with them.

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Dog Adoption

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Before Ms. Johnson could get her dog settled into her foster home, however, the Broward County Animal Services unit informed her that the pebbles on which her cinnamon was sitting belonged to a different dog. This confused Ms. Johnson because she believed that she had gotten the second dog’s puppies. When the dust was clearing, however, Ms. Johnson noticed that the pebbles were actually the second dog’s bones. Now, instead of one sad dog, Ms. Johnson has beautiful cinnamon waiting to be adopted!

Although Ms. Johnson was heartbroken to learn that her dog had been given up by someone who did not love her, she was even more devastated when she discovered that the owner had gotten the two dogs from the same agency! Apparently, the agency did not require that the dogs are placed with the same puppies. Nicole and the other girl, who was the biological mother to the dogs, were not told that they had to be the same breed or have the same color of the coat. Instead, they were told that they were brothers and that Nicole and the other girl, who was the biological mother, were one family. It is cruel and heartless and just plain wrong. Someone who is in love with a six months old puppy should not have to go through this unnecessary hassle.

Things To Consider

Ms. Johnson has since taken legal action against the agency that she says sold her these pebbles for a song. According to the radio station, though, the dogs that were sold are still alive. The dogs were given new homes and then returned to the “foster care” facility, where they will stay until a loving, caring foster parent returns them to Ms. Johnson’s care. She has written a letter to every radio station that plays her song requesting that they either give the dogs back to her or tell her that they were sold illegally. She has also asked that all prospective foster parents be bound by law to never give any animals away or place them in a foster home without the full consent and approval of the foster parent before giving the animals up.

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Broward County Animal Services has not responded to Ms. Johnson’s letter. However, the agency has informed her that all foster parents must be carefully screened before giving the animals up for adoption or becoming. The agency has also reminded her that if she contacts their former owners to inquire about their missing pet, that they must be careful not to mention that the owner had lost the animal to avoid getting in trouble for fraud. She has expressed her hope that the agency will take care of her problem with them and make sure that her voice is heard.

Bottom Line

Ms. Johnson has written a song called “The Pecan,” which is about losing a beloved pet. This unfortunate story illustrates why it is so important to find a loving, caring permanent home for lost pets. She has also written a poem regarding her experience with animal services. Hopefully, the county will listen to her call for compassion and set aside funds to buy more dogs for adoption in Broward County and across the nation.

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