The Benefits Of Pet First Animal Hospital

pet first animal hospital

They offer an innovative and compassionate approach to treating animals when other places may turn you away. From day spas to boarding kennels, they strive to give you the very best in pet care. They have the latest equipment and the most advanced procedures available to save your pet’s health.

Pet First Animal Hospital was founded in 1985 with the mission of saving lives. Pets are an important part of the families we service. We take great care in finding loving, healthy dogs and cats to treat in our veterinary facilities. If you’ve got a pet that requires surgery or is sick, we can help. Our goal is to become a national leader in pet care.

Treated With Compassion, Excellence, Respect, And Excellence

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Our animals come from all walks of life, from puppies to adult dogs and cats, kittens to adults. Our animals have diabetes, allergies, cancer, fleas, heartworms, and many types of diseases. All of these pets are able to be treated with compassion, excellence, respect, and excellence at the pet hospital we operate.

Our staff consists of dedicated, caring individuals who truly understand your pets needs. In the years we’ve served pets, we’ve met many friends who came to rely on us for caring and humane treatment. When you walk into a Pet First Animal Hospital room you are welcomed by a team of knowledgeable veterinarians, board certified staff, licensed massage therapists, dieticians, CPR instructors, and certified nursing assistants. Your pet will be given the attention they deserve, as well as an opportunity to improve their quality of life. No two days at the hospital are the same.

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Provide Safe, Humane Treatment For All Pets

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In the past, pets were often neglected or abused, but this is not the case today. Our veterinary team works closely with our community to ensure that we take every step necessary to provide safe, humane treatment for all pets, while focusing on improving the quality of life for all pets. When you come to us for your pet’s treatment, you want to be sure that your animals are healthy, happy, and comfortable.

The mission of Pet First Animal Hospital is to bring you and your pet the highest level of veterinary care possible. We want to offer our patients a wide range of services designed to make life better for your pet, while saving you money and helping to ensure that we have a low overhead. Our team consists of compassionate, trained, caring individuals who truly understand your pet’s attitude, personality, medical history, and current health condition. The staff works together as a team to provide the best care for your pet.

Treatment Options Are Innovative

All of our treatment options are innovative. We treat your pet like an individual patient, depending on the needs that your pet has, to determine the best course of treatment. For example, in the case of severe injuries or illnesses, your pet may need surgery, which requires hours of stay in the hospital.

During this time, our team will work with your veterinarian to coordinate the surgery so that your pet receives the best possible care and is put under the most appropriate medical supervision. In other cases, your pet might just require some physical therapy, requiring another day’s stay in the hospital before release.

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Final Words

In addition to the preventative care of routine exams and vaccinations, we also strive to provide the complementary care of chiropractors, therapists, and nutritionists. Our chiropractors are skilled at dealing with your pet’s back problems, arthritis, ear infections, fleas, ticks, and skin problems. Our nutritionists can help you determine the best diets for your pet, as well as give you advice on how to care for your pet’s body without causing undue stress on its body. As a result, your pet’s life is improved in a number of ways, making it more pleasant for everyone involved.

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