United Animal Health And Food Suggestions To Keep The Animals Safe

United Animal Health

Having a pet is everyone’s dream and everyone’s desire. But it is not possible that the owner will be able to take care of the do’s and don’ts. In this case, you can put your pet’s life in danger. It is important to take care of the foods that you are feeding your pets. Some of them may be very good for their health, and some of them can kill them and feel helpless. Here are a few human foods as suggested by the United animal health that are harmful for pets.

United Animal Health And Food Suggestions – No Mistakes

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Many foods contain alcohol, and the owners, too, might be consuming alcohol at home. Alcohol and the foods containing alcohol break down your pet’s nervous system, nausea, difficulty in breathing, acidity, and the worst case, they can even cause death. Alcohol or foods containing alcohol are difficult to digest or absorbed by the digestive system of pets. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you do not give alcohol in any form, not by mistake.


Avocado is a superfood for humans. But yes, it can kill your pet if consumed by them in any form. May that be a smoothie, salad, or any dish containing avocado. Avocado is considered to be a major problem of cardiovascular problems in the body of the pet. They harm your pet’s physiology by diffusing unwanted nutrients and elements present in avocado into your pet’s blood. It causes the heart to malfunction and thus may lead to the death of your pet.

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United Animal Health And Food Suggestions – Simple Yet Harmful

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Chocolates and Caffeine

There is a chemical named methylxanthine, which is present in the cacao seeds. Chocolates are highly adored and cherished by humans. Still, for pets, it can be a reason for vomiting, diarrhea, thirst, low stamina seizures, abnormal heartbeats, and all such fatal symptoms that can eventually lead to the death of your pet. If consumed in a small amount, it will not affect their health, but it is always advisable to keep chocolates and caffeine products such as coffee away from them.

Citrus Food

Citrus foods are a great source of Vitamin C and other minerals required by the human body to raise immunity. But for your pets, citrus foods can prove fatal, and they may even succumb to it. Citrus fruits, their peels, stems, and some grass having a citrus property, oils, etc., should be strictly kept away from them if you want a long and healthy life for your pet.

Special Mention: Grapes and Raisin

Grapes and raisins contain a chemical that is proven harmful to the kidney system of the pets. They can lead to serious problems such as kidney failure. There is research going on based on the chemical that is found in the food. The best way to avoid fatal complications in your pet’s life is to avoid giving them these foods.


These are a few foods that are considered harmful to your pets. If your pet ingests any of these, take it to the veterinarian immediately and always refer to what foods are good for the breed of the pet you own. Also, some United Animal Health and Food items pets are considered healthy and fun to eat, so always keep an eye on such foods in the market.

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